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The Sexton Lawn & Landscape team has the experience, expertise, and excellent service required to build the highest caliber lawns and landscapes across the Gulf Coast and South Alabama regions. Sexton customers can depend on our professional landscape design abilities and our thorough knowledge of lawn care to treat and resolve diseased lawns.

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Browse through a few of our featured projects. At Sexton Lawn &
Landscape, we offer comprehensive landscaping services including landscaping
design, landscape installation, lawn care, and lawn maintenance for residential and
commercial properties throughout South Alabama.

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Professional Tips for Commercial Landscaping Design

Commercial property owners have a lot on their plates, so it’s easy to forget how important landscaping is for any business or commercial property. Whether it’s a retail center, office building, or warehouse, it’s important to keep the premises looking great, and that means keeping your landscape design healthy and updated. The appearance of your […]

Lawn Watering Do’s and Don’ts

Overwatering Overwatered lawns will feel soft when walked on, and there may be some water present on the surface. What is overwatering? When there is more water than the soil is able to absorb between waterings. There is more water than air in the soil. Problems Associated with Overwatering: • Disease and fungus. • Shorter […]

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