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Tim Sansom

Director of Landscape Maintenance Operations

Resulting from the quality work produced by Sexton Landscape Maintenance crews the maintenance team has grown such that we require a full-time dedicated Landscape Maintenance Supervisor. In November of 2015, Tim Sansom joined the Sexton Lawn & Landscape team in this position. From completing estimates and proposals for customers to completing quality control visits to managing maintenance team personnel to ensuring that appropriate equipment is available for each crew, Tim spends this time ensuring that customer satisfaction and expectations are met.

Tim has 21 years of green industry experience ranging from residential scale local work in central and south Alabama to large scale land management projects in the Rocky Mountains to quality / conditions assessments in the Midwest and Northeast. Tim’s green industry career started with his first job which was at a local nursery in Montgomery County and has progress over the years from growing mass quantities of plants for nursery suppliers, to working in direct retails sales at nurseries, to working on landscape installation crews, to managing landscape maintenance crews and operations. Tim has managed large crews of subject matter experts to complete multimillion dollar federal projects and has completed environmental analysis and botanical surveys for hundreds of projects.

Tim earned his bachelor’s degree in Field Biology and Ecology from Troy University in August 2001. He is certified in the setting of landscape plants by Alabama Agriculture & Industries, Wetland Delineation by the US Army Corps of Engineers, and is even certified in Wildland Firefighting by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. He has continued education coursework through the Project Management Institute, through online resources, industry publications, and workshops.