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The Benefits of Commercial Landscaping: Creating an Inviting Business Environment

Commercial landscaping goes beyond mere aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in shaping the overall impression of a business. Whether it’s an office complex, retail space, or hospitality establishment, a well-designed and properly maintained landscape can significantly impact a company’s success. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of commercial landscaping as highlighted by landscape […]

Landscape Planning Now For This Spring

Working with landscape design professionals is about planning for the next season or sometimes even two seasons ahead. It all depends on the local climate and what you’re planting. This is one of the few projects for your home that isn’t about instant gratification. It’s about running a marathon instead of a sprint and planning ahead. This […]

Lawn Health Schedule & Program Summary

Premium Program Premium Plus Program ROUND 1 • EARLY JANUARY TO LATE FEBRUARY Scout and treat for active mole crickets. Receive a broad spectrum pre-emergent herbicide and post emergent herbicide. Scout and treat for active mole crickets. Receive a broad spectrum pre-emergent herbicide and post emergent herbicide. ROUND 2 • LATE FEBRUARY TO MID-APRIL Scout […]

Watering Guidelines

Use of rain sensors helps to prevent watering during or immediately following a rainfall. The best time to water is late night/early morning, finishing before sunrise. Winds are lightest and temps are coolest, and there is already dew on the ground. This prevents waste and helps reduce the likelihood of disease development. Deep, infrequent watering […]

Bayshore Home, Orange Beach Bob Chatham Architectural Designer

Susan and Danny Grant of Orange Beach decided it was time to tear down their Bayou Saint John home and build a home that more closely fit their needs. They turned to highly regarded architectural designer Bob Chatham from Bob Chatham Custom Home Design. Chatham is a second-generation custom home designer who specializes in waterfront […]

3 Tips To Improve Your Landscaping This Fall

With summer quickly coming to a close, most homeowners are performing the last few tasks needed to make sure their landscaping is ready to transition into the fall. While it’s certainly a good idea to make sure your landscaping is prepared for the cooler months ahead, there is nothing that says you can’t undertake other […]

Drainage Options In Daphne

Having standing water on your Daphne property can attract pests and cause water damage to your home and landscaping. Many homeowners hire landscapers to build drainage features on their lawns to provide solutions to this problem and to prevent the destructive effects of flooding, erosion, and runoff. Drainage solutions include building a dry well, French drain, holding […]

Ways To Save Water In Your Garden

If you’re looking for tips on how to save water while still giving your garden plants what they need to thrive, our Mobile, AL landscaping company can give you a few pro tips. Saving water in your garden helps our environment and lowers your utility bills. Plus, many communities participate in water restrictions which limit the amount […]

5 Lawn & Plant Health Care Tips For Spring

Spring is just around the corner here in Daphne, AL. While in many ways, we’re ready for more sunshine and balmy weather, the spring season also means doing a few extra chores around the house like taking care of the lawn and plant health care tasks. If you’re new to owning a yard or taking care of […]

How To Choose A Reliable Commercial Landscaping Company

Are you new to finding a commercial landscaping company in Daphne, AL and need to know how to find the right one? Whether you need lawn care or a new landscape design and install, the right Daphne landscaping company can help you get the successful results you want. Plus, they’ll make it stress-free and easy to own a beautiful […]