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Beat the Heat with Irrigation

Did you know that improper watering is one of the most common causes of landscape damage? Too little and your plants will die, too much and soil borne diseases can spread. Proper watering is essential to a healthy lawn. A properly installed irrigation system is essential to saving you time and money on wasted water and damaged landscape. At Sexton Lawn & Landscape, our highly trained technicians know exactly what your lawn needs to keep it healthy and hydrated.

Irrigation Services in Alabama

Sprinkler watering the lawn.

Each landscape is unique – with different highs and lows, hills and trouble spots, it takes a trained eye to know exactly how to design an effective irrigation system your yard needs. Here at Sexton, our AL Certified landscape professionals can successfully identify current and future issues and install the right irrigation system to help your lawn thrive! We offer our irrigation services in several areas including:

Mobile Bay Irrigation Experts

In our part of the region, it is important to have an irrigation system that provides proper watering for your lawn. Irrigation systems water at the right time, at appropriate seasonal settings.  They are a tool that maximizes the work we do in your yard, taking your landscape to the next level. Our irrigation services include:

  • Irrigation Service Calls - working on existing systems to correct poor coverage, flooding, or damaged areas. 
  • New Irrigation Installation - Administered by a highly trained technician, new irrigation system installation takes into account the unique needs of a landscape and crafts a system to help it thrive. 
  • Maintenance Visits and Updates - Ongoing service to address any concerns and ensure the system is still operating at the optimal level for your landscape's needs. 

For questions about our services, contact our office staff today to find out what Sexton Lawn & Landscape can do for you! 

Our Irrigation Services Packages

Water Sense Program

Our entry-level irrigation system maintenance program. Just $300 a year!Learn More

Water Sense Premium Program

Our most popular irrigation system maintenance program. Just $400 covers you for the whole year! Learn More

Water Sense Platinum Program

Our most robust irrigation system maintenance program. For $600, you will receive 6 visits a year, discounted service calls, discounts on parts, and much, much more!Learn More

Reliable Service, Guaranteed 

When you partner with Sexton, it’s not just a quick transaction. We believe that lasting relationships and accountability are what make our company great. We always strive to offer reliable service that we’re proud to stand by. In fact, we’re so committed to being accountable to our customers that we offer a 12-month parts and labor warranty. If a resolution can’t be reached, enjoy a money-back guarantee!

If you’re ready for a healthy landscape, contact our office today for more information on our irrigation services! 

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