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Learn More About Our Lawn Health + Plant Health Package

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Lawn Health Program and Plant Health Program

This is our most comprehensive program. This hybrid program will help keep your lawn beautiful and disease free.

Lawn Health Program

  • Applications occur at 4-8 week intervals
  • Organic bio-nutritional and other fertilizers
  • Pro-biotics for your soil which provide increased root density
  • Year-round weed control
  • Soil Analysis
  • Professional pest and lawn disease scouting with each visit
  • Surface-feeding insect management (example pests: chinch bugs, spittle bugs, web worms, army worms)
  • Preventative grub management plan
  • Season long mole cricket management

Plant Health Program
Three applications per year are designed to provide adequate fertilization, and prevent disease and insects, to ornamental trees, shrubs, and flowers in the landscape.

    Blend of insecticide and fertilizer designed to provide pest control and improved fertility for plant production and performance.
    Blend of insecticide, fungicide and fertilizer designed to provide pest control, treat for fungal issues, and provide improved fertility for plant production and performance.
    Slow-release, granular fertilizer, designed to winterize landscape plants and provide the needed nutrients for the best possible start to spring.

If you are looking for a lawn & plant health care professional, please call Sexton Lawn & Landscape at 251-626-3309 or fill out our online request form.

Having a beautiful landscape can be stressful and time consuming, but with a personalized plan and help from our team of experts you will have a landscape you can be proud of and the time to actually enjoy it!