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Southern Charm Program

Offering the best in lawn care, the Southern Charm Program includes a combination of all our best services. Here’s what you get:  

All the Premium Benefits

  • 7 Annual applications
  • Custom liquid fertilizer blend applications
  • Over 5 different pre and post emergent herbicides
  • Two liquid organic lawn food applications
  • Three preventative insecticide treatments
  • Three strengthening root enhancer applications


  • Six preventative fungicide treatments. These treatments will help defend your lawn from harmful fungus such as Brown Patch, Grey Leaf Spot, and Take All Patch– leaving your lawn healthy, green, and lush. 
  • Four soil surfactant treatments. These help manage the water intake of your soil to reduce hyper irrigation and retain moisture in the hot summer months.  
  • Ongoing spot checks for weeds, insects, and disease during each visit. This will help to identify and eliminate any problems early on, while also serving as preventative care.  
  • And of course, our high quality, transparent, and friendly service is always guaranteed! 

Local Service You Can Count On

As a locally owned and operated business, taking care of our community (and their lawns) is important to us. When you partner with Sexton for your dream lawn, you become part of the Sexton team – and we look out for our team! You can rest assured knowing that we always offer transparent service, complete with an on-site estimate and money-back guarantee! 

With our Southern Charm Program, take your lawn to the next level and become the envy of the neighborhood!

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