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Landscaping Services

Irrigation Services

A good irrigation system for your Fairhope home is essential to saving yourself time and money on wasted water and a damaged landscape. Our highly trained technicians know exactly what your lawn needs in terms of irrigation services to keep it healthy and hydrated. Our goal at Sexton Lawn & Landscape is to provide our Fairhope clients with the best irrigation services to suit their needs. This is why we offer 2 great packages which offer options based on your time, needs, and budget. Our friendly office staff and technicians will be there every step of the way to guide you and answer your questions! Each landscape is unique – with different highs and lows, hills and trouble spots, it takes a trained eye to know exactly how to design an effective irrigation system your yard needs. Our landscaping company offers AL Certified landscape professionals who can successfully identify current and future issues and install the right irrigation system to help your lawn thrive. Our Fairhope irrigation services include the design and install of a watering system that’s right for you and your property. We’re also here to answer your irrigation service calls if there’s ever a problem and to provide maintenance visits, updates, and upgrades.

Irrigation Service Calls

Did you know that improper watering is one of the most common causes of landscape damage? Too little and your plants will die, too much and soil-borne diseases can spread. Proper watering is essential to a healthy lawn, so if something’s wrong with your irrigation system, we can repair it for you. Our irrigation service calls include working on existing systems to correct poor coverage, flooding, or damaged areas. We offer irrigation service calls if you’re having trouble with your system or simply need a wet check to ensure your system is working properly. The service call fee is $125 PLUS flat rate pricing for repairs.

New Irrigation Installation

Our new irrigation installation is administered by a highly trained technician who takes into account the unique needs of your landscape and crafts a system to help it thrive. In our part of the region, it’s important to have an irrigation system that provides proper watering for your lawn. Your new irrigation system will water at the right time and at appropriate seasonal settings. It will be a tool that maximizes the beauty of your yard by taking your landscape to the next level.

Irrigation System Maintenance Package

We provide ongoing landscaping services to address any concerns and ensure your irrigation system is still operating at the optimal level for your landscape’s needs. Maintaining a watering system can be a lot of work. That is why we offer two great programs to meet your needs. You have a great irrigation system – make sure it’s running its best by taking advantage of our irrigation services! Your irrigation system will be running efficiently all year long.

Package Benefits

  • Priority Scheduling For Service
  • Peace Of Mind Knowing Trained Technician Are Looking For Problems That Can Be Corrected Before Damages Occur To Landscape
  • Savings On Utility Bills By Setting the Controller To Proper Seasonal Settings For The Most Efficient Use Of Your Water

Transparency Every Step Of The Way

At Sexton Lawn and Landscape, our goal is to provide our clients with the best irrigation services to fit their needs. This is why we offer 2 great packages, giving you options based on time, needs, and budget. Our friendly office staff and technicians will be there every step of the way to guide and answer any questions you may have!

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Do you have a beautiful outdoor lighting system, but find that the upkeep that goes along with it is too much work? At Sexton Lawn & Landscape, we want to take away that hassle. We offer three great lighting maintenance packages, each designed to meet the needs of any customer. From a small yard to an expansive landscape, we have packages that will have you covered, and well-lit, for the entire year! No matter what you need for landscape lighting maintenance, from small to large, we have a service package that is right for you! Spend less time worrying about fixes and more time enjoying the beautiful lighting that you’ve created!
There are a wide range of irrigation options out there and we will do our best to create the one that works best for you.
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