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Lifetime Care Warranty


Lifetime Warranty By Sexton Lawn & Landscape, Inc.

Sexton Lawn & Landscape, Inc. wants to be your landscape partner which is why we have begun offering a lifetime warranty upon the completion of your project. When you hire Sexton Lawn & Landscape to maintain your property with a service package after completion of your initial project, you automatically qualify for our lifetime warranty. Feel free to contact us for more information at 251-626-3309 or Click here to find out more

At Sexton Lawn & Landscape, Inc. our goal is to build a lasting relationship with you and your landscaping and to become a vital partner with you and the care of your property. We know that this takes trust, tremendous trust, so we came up with the best offer we could possibly think of to show you just how committed we are to become your partner for life. That offer is a lifetime warranty.

  • Here’s the Problem: Your landscaping is a long-term investment, but all warranties are finite. A beautiful landscape requires ongoing maintenance, but you lack time and the expertise to care for it.
  • Our Solution: Sexton can solve both common problems with a host of landscape services and back them all up with a lifetime guaranty.
  • The Result: You can have a landscape you can be proud of and the time to actually enjoy it.

This warranty will cover any plantings, materials or workmanship that Sexton installs for the lifetime of our relationship. All we ask is that you utilize Sexton for any applicable landscape service your property may need E.G.

Sexton Landscape Core Services

Utilizing all of these services allows Sexton to have full access to the changing needs and requirements of your landscaping and ultimately puts the outcome in our hands. If we are taking care of all of your landscape maintenance needs, then it only makes sense that we would warranty any issue that comes up with any of our work for as long as we are caring for your property.

As far as we know, this is the first Lifetime Landscape Warranty in the country and that can be a little scary, but we do feel strongly enough about our abilities that we want to offer this to you.

*Sexton Lawn & Landscape, Inc. provides a standard one year warranty on plants and workmanship.