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3 Tips To Improve Your Landscaping This Fall

With summer quickly coming to a close, most homeowners are performing the last few tasks needed to make sure their landscaping is ready to transition into the fall. While it’s certainly a good idea to make sure your landscaping is prepared for the cooler months ahead, there is nothing that says you can’t undertake other landscaping projects this fall to improve your property. Some of the best projects to get done in the fall are the ones that help you improve your home’s curb appeal, which also results in more value for your home. In an effort to help you keep your home’s curb appeal high this fall and keep your landscaping looking its best, our team of Daphne landscape design professionals have taken the time to put together this short list highlighting just a few of the wonderful landscaping projects perfect for fall.

Spruce Up Your Lawn

Just because the summer is coming to a close, doesn’t mean that you can forget about your lawn. While most homeowners are preparing for their final mows as the growing season winds down in the next month or so, it’s important to remember that keeping your lawn healthy and looking good is a year-round commitment. During the fall, it’s important to make sure that you clear away any falling leaves and keep debris from piling up on your grass. Unfortunately this is likely something that you are going to have to keep at, as there always seems to be more of them, no matter how many that you rake up. Leaves or pine needles that are left piled up on your lawn can keep your grass from absorbing the nutrients it needs to come back strong in the spring, leaving you with spots that can’t keep up with the rest of your lawn, or spots that have died entirely.

Plant Fall Flowers

Once you have your lawn looking its best, it’s time to spruce up the color of your landscaping with some new fall flowers. There are a number of wonderful fall blooms out there for you to choose from, so no matter what kind of aesthetic you would like to give the exterior of your home, there are certainly options out there to help you achieve it.

Install Outdoor Lighting

As the days start to get shorter and shorter over the coming months, the dramatic effect that new outdoor lighting can have on your home is going to get more and more noticeable. Whether you are looking to give potential homebuyers a glance at the nighttime beauty of your home, or you are looking to highlight your festive displays, new outdoor lighting could be just the solution you’ve been searching for. Outdoor lighting can serve a wide variety of different functions around your home, from increasing the overall security of your property, to highlighting particular aspects of your landscape that you are most proud of, or even if you are just looking to give the exterior of your home a more vibrant and softer appearance, outdoor lighting can help you accomplish these goals.