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5 Lawn & Plant Health Care Tips For Spring

Spring is just around the corner here in Daphne, AL. While in many ways, we’re ready for more sunshine and balmy weather, the spring season also means doing a few extra chores around the house like taking care of the lawn and plant health care tasks.

If you’re new to owning a yard or taking care of the various plants scattered around your yard, spring is the season to begin the lawn and plant health care maintenance. What happens with your grass turf, garden, flowers, trees, and shrubs the rest of this year will depend on what steps you take now to ensure your landscape is thriving.

Start your spring season off right in Daphne with these lawn & plant health care tips from our landscaping company at Sexton Lawn & Landscape.

Soil Maintenance

The first place to start with your lawn & plant health care maintenance is with the soil. A good, nutritious soil that’s free of pests will provide the foundation for your turf and landscape plants to thrive all year.

It’s important to first analyze the soil before you start any lawn or plant health care treatments. Do you know whether your soil is alkaline or acid? Knowing the current condition of your soil will help you plan a good program to follow this spring and for the rest of the year.

  • Soil assessment
  • Aerate the soil & turf
  • Fertilize the soil or add pulverized limestone
  • Install mulch
  • Lawn pest treatments

Mulch Flower Beds & Gardens

Once you have the soil straightened out, it’s time to mulch the flower beds and gardens on your Daphne property. Mulch should be applied every spring and fall here in Alabama.

Mulching the beds and garden areas will help the soil to preserve moisture for your plants. Otherwise, it quickly evaporates away. It also helps you to conserve water for your lawn and flower beds!

Check Your Irrigation System

You’ll be watering the lawn and flower beds soon enough, so early spring in Daphne is a good time to check your irrigation system. Check for the following problems and make sure to take care of them or hire a landscaping company like us!

  • Broken or clogged sprinkler heads
  • Irrigation leaks
  • Bad control panel
  • Blocked sprinklers (nothing in the way)

Remove Lawn Debris

By the time spring rolls around here in Daphne, you’ve probably had to take care of seasonal lawn cleanups already. Removing the debris from your lawn and gardens again is unfortunately a necessity if you want a healthy landscape.

A lawn full of dead branches, twigs, leaves, and rotting foliage is the perfect environment to grow mold, mildew, fungus, and insects. Once the debris litters your lawn, diseases can spread to your turf and landscape plants.

Aerate Your Lawn Turf

Soil gets compacted over time and walking or playing on the grass will compact it even more. Many homeowners in Daphne need to aerate the soil in order to keep the roots of turf grasses and garden plants healthy.

Our landscaping company suggests you give liquid aeration a try this spring when you take care of your lawn and plant health care maintenance.

It is actually better than physical aeration which bores holes in the ground underneath the thatch because there’s proven results that liquid aeration works over the long-term. The liquid removes sodium from the soil and creates pathways for the oxygen to move down the soil to the roots of the plant. It breaks up bonded clay particles to accomplish the soil aeration.