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How To Choose A Reliable Commercial Landscaping Company

Are you new to finding a commercial landscaping company in Daphne, AL and need to know how to find the right one? Whether you need lawn care or a new landscape design and install, the right Daphne landscaping company can help you get the successful results you want. Plus, they’ll make it stress-free and easy to own a beautiful commercial property that helps your business succeed.

Whether you’re a maintenance manager, owner, or property manager, you’ll want a commercial landscaping company who works closely with you. Our first suggestion is to find one with great customer service!

Landscaping Company Who Takes Good Care of Customers

There are a few things you’ll want to look for in a landscaping company in terms of excellent customer service. When you start making calls to get an estimate, pay attention to how you’re treated over the phone. Your landscaper should be:

  • Patient
  • Polite
  • Professional
  • Prompt to arrive & complete projects
  • Prompt to address your concerns
  • Keeping a neat, safe, and clean work site

Assess Their Skills in Commercial Landscaping

In addition to finding someone qualified who’s licensed and insured, you’ll want to hire an experienced commercial landscaper with the skills necessary to meet all your service needs.

The last thing you want as a business owner is to deal with shoddy work because your landscaper didn’t know what they were doing. For instance, you may need to solve rainwater drainage issues or an irrigation problem that could very well cost your company tons in remediation if the work isn’t done right the first time.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask what type of skills they have. Be sure to get references and phone numbers so you can ask other businesses what they think of the landscaper’s work.

A Landscaping Company With a Wide Range of Services

The more commercial services a landscaping company offers, the better off your business will be. If one landscaper can handle everything including the new landscaping design and development or even irrigation repairs and rainwater drainage issues, your future needs are covered by a company you already trust.

When calling different companies, remember that landscaping and lawn care maintenance varies in complexity, so what you need now may not be what you need later.

  • Landscaping design & development
  • Lawn & Plant Health Care
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Nutrition Management
  • Irrigation Management
  • Landscape Enhancements

Do They Do a Property Assessment?

A property assessment is an essential tool for any commercial landscaping company in Daphne. This process helps a landscaper to determine the scope of work necessary to complete your project. Whether you have big plans or just need a regular commercial lawn maintenance service, the technician should recognize any problems with the irrigation system, property drainage, water supply, sewer, and hardscaping.

Does The Landscaping Company offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Every Daphne business owner knows how important a satisfaction guarantee is to a customer. Make sure your new commercial landscaping company is going to care about the service you get by providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their services.

At Sexton Lawn & Landscaping, we make it right when our customers aren’t happy. Usually it’s something little we can fix but we’ll go all the way with a money back guarantee if we can’t resolve the problem. You deserve the same guarantee.

Do They Take Care of Permitting for New Landscaping or Modifications?

Even if your commercial landscape is well established, you’ll need to make modifications at some point whether it’s for the irrigation system or modifications to the hardscaping.

Make sure they handle the permitting and inspection process for you when installing new landscaping or making modifications to your property. They’ll need to be a local company who knows the building code requirements and can pass the inspections without a problem.