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Landscape Planning Now For This Spring

Working with landscape design professionals is about planning for the next season or sometimes even two seasons ahead. It all depends on the local climate and what you’re planting.

This is one of the few projects for your home that isn’t about instant gratification. It’s about running a marathon instead of a sprint and planning ahead. This way, the outside of your home always looks its best.

The good thing about spring planting is that you can think about it at the end of fall and the beginning of winter, a typically gloomy time. This helps you see ahead to the beauty of spring and have something to look forward to.

Top Ways to Plan Now For Spring Landscaping

When you work with a landscaping professional to plan ahead for spring, some things will get taken care of now. Other items will take place at the early onset of spring, but the plan of action is already in place.

So, something like irrigation services will take place in both seasons, winter and spring. In the winter, we properly shut it down and prepare the system for cold weather.

Come spring, it’s about getting it ready again, checking for any possible damage, and then firing it up again. Some ways to prepare now for spring landscaping are:

  • Seek Your Inspiration – Late fall and early winter is the perfect time to focus on finding the look you want to create for your landscaping once spring rolls around again. This gives you and your landscaper something to discuss and a direction to go in. Browse online or in magazines and save pictures to share with your professional.
  • Planning for Pests – Although it may not be as much fun as picking your favorite flowers, planning for pests it essential. This is how you can prepare for anything that may try to invade your yard during the winter and spring. Being prepared ahead of time will help to outsmart them and avoid them from taking hold.
  • Work on Placement – The effect of even the most beautiful blooms can be ruined if the placement is off. Your landscaping contractor will offer suggestions for placement so that your plants and flowers end up in the most appropriate location, and create a cohesive look.

Work with Your Expert

There’s a long list of other tasks your landscaping expert will be taking care of, such as planning when to plant and maintain. You’ll be able to offer input when needed, but mostly you’ll just get to enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

Make the call today to Sexton Lawn & Landscape, Inc., and start your planning now. We’re the Daphne Landscape design professionals to contact for your year-round landscaping needs.