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Lawn & Plant Health Care in Eastern Shore Alabama

Lawn Health Care

Ready to get a lush green lawn for your Fairhope area home? Our professionals are specialists in maintaining the health and beauty of all types of lawn turf. We're also well known for being able to bring back a sad brown yard to a beautiful, lush green condition.

Let one of our professionals perform an assessment so you can find out just what you need to make your turf gorgeous. Every situation is different, so we'll need to listen to your concerns and work out a lawn health care plan that works for you. Just give us a call to set up your estimate and consultation!

Our Lawn Care Packages Include:

Compare our plans – From weed control, fertilization to complete turf and plant care, Sexton has a plan for every lawn.


This program takes a proactive approach to your lawn care needs and is reccomended for most lawns

  • 7 application program 6-8 week intervals
  • Organic bio-nutritional & other fertilizers
  • Probiotics for your soil
  • Season long weed control
  • Soil Analysis
  • Surface-feeding insect control

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Premium plus

Formerly Southern Charm Program

This is our most comprehensive program. This hybrid program will help keep your lawn beautiful and disease free.

  • 7 application program 6-8 week intervals
  • Organic bio-nutritional & other fertilizers
  • Probiotics for your soil
  • Season long weed control
  • Soil Analysis
  • Surface-feeding insect control
  • Preventative grub control
  • Mole cricket control
  • Preventative fungicide applications and monitoring

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This program provides season long care for your trees and shrubs.

  • Spring fertilizer application to kick start growing season
  • Spring insecticide application to contorl plant feeding insects including scale
  • Summer fungicide application
  • Summer insecticide application to control & prevent plant feeding insects
  • Slow release Fall fertilizer application to winterize plants
  • Scout and treat for fall insects and fungal disease

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Lawn Health Schedule & Program Summary

Lawn and plant health services

Nothing improves the look of your property quite like a beautiful yard but there's more to making it happen than simply mowing the grass. Here at Sexton, our primary focus is to ensure your lawn care and plant health care needs in the Fairhope area are taken care of with expertise. We want you to enjoy a thriving landscape all year long!

Each season brings unique challenges for every lawn, so we make sure our landscaping services stay flexible. Our lawn and plant health care technicians are experts in the southern Alabama area and know exactly what your lawn needs to thrive every day of the year.

Whether you need general lawn care, insect treatment, or plant health care for disease management, our landscaping company is your one-way ticket to a gorgeous yard. We've serviced the eastern shore of Mobile Bay since 2004, including: Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Mobile, Point Clear, and more!

50% Off Your First Lawn Health Application

Get rid of pesky weeds by signing up for our lawn health program today and receive 50% off your first application.

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When you partner with us, you can expect the following:

  • Personalized Experience. Just like each lawn is different, so is each professional and technician. Any unique challenge your lawn may have, here at Sexton, we work hard to create a solution that works best for you to ensure you get everything you're looking for.
  • On-site Assessment. As your neighbors, and homeowners ourselves, we know just how important total transparency is. That's why when you partner with us for any of your lawn care needs, you can always get an on-site assessment upon request where we can talk about your needs and expectations and put you totally at ease about the process.
  • Ongoing Communication. We don't just start a project with transparency, we maintain it all the way throughout the process. We even have a full-time office staff ready to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Reliable Service, Guaranteed. When you partner with Sexton, you can rest assured that you've made a great investment. We pride ourselves in our hard work and a job well done. We offer free re-service between regularly planned services if you are not happy as well as a money-back guarantee on all our services.
  • Recurring Services. The best way to ensure your yard looks good next season is to start now! Don't let lawn care fall through the cracks. Our recurring services allow your yard to receive the proper treatment each season. Your yard will be in tip-top shape all year long with our recurring services.

Plant Health Care

Lawn and plant care health for plants

The only way to get a beautiful, thriving landscape is to take good care of the plants. The health of your shrubs, flowers, lawn turf, and other plants depends on getting a good amount of water and the roots being fed by nutritious soil.

Plant health care can involve treating your landscape plants with fertilizers and insect treatments as well as relocating plants that need more or less water than the grouping they're planted with. Plant health care also involves disease management which may involve a preventive solution or a method to bring diseased plants back to life.

If you are looking for a lawn & plant health care professional, please call Sexton Lawn & Landscape at 251-626-3309 or fill out our online request form.

Having a beautiful landscape can be stressful and time consuming, but with a personalized plan and help from our team of experts you will have a landscape you can be proud of and the time to actually enjoy it!